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We can proudly announce that Malakis son Al Wathba Bahram Al Nadir had a great weekend winning Best Male-2 and Best In Show-Junior, judge Michael Williams, England on Saturday. The next day he won the CC (his second) and was placed Best male-5 with BOS-Junior. Judge Helen Williams, England. Congratulations Catrine! Al Wathba Bahram Al Nadir to the left.

We had a great weekend in Norway, Tromsö, on Sunday Fasqiya won CACIB, Best bitch and BOS and her daugther Kifaya was placed second with ReservCACIB and CC. Khalils Liba Fu Lobie "Malaki" was Best male-2 with ReservCACIB. Judge Björg Foss from Norway. BOB both Saturday and Sunday was Malakis son the beautiful red Al Wathba Bahram Al Nadir. Photo by Britt Mikkelsen

"Solo", Sadaqa Kassar Al Alb Ibn Sarif, did a good run in the Lure coursing Derby in Hailouto 17th of October with 471 points he was placed 6. Photos of "Solo" flying in the sand!

In Horn international Lurecoursing September 20th Kharif did a really good run placed 14 of 47 (he was 6th best male) with 78,75 points.

In Vitå 12th of September Fasqiyas run her last lure coursingtrial due to her age 8 years. She did a good run placed 5th of 15 with 78,5 points. Malaki was placed 11 with 72,5 points and Kifaya inspite of a lot of mess with the lure was placed 12 with 71 points.
Photo of "Solo" at LC in Kuopio 12th of September. He was placed 4 out of 12 males with 432 points.